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To get a copy of a divorce decree contact the County Clerk If the divorce was granted before January 1 1963 the divorce decree is the only type of document available Divorce Certificate This document contains basic information about the spouses and the date and place the marriage ended.

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New York permits any person to change their surname last name while filling out a. A name change order specified directly within your divorce decree prevents you from. New York divorce law changed on August 15 2010 when Governor David Paterson signed.

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If someone is thinking of filing a simple no-fault uncontested divorce in New. Please follow the person in divorce new york where a marriage and any relations. For information on court records and forms you can visit the New York State Unified. Thousands of people divorce in New York every year without hiring a lawyer. New York Public Records. Divorce Record NYC311 NYCgov.

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The name of the person date and place of event and State certificate number. All previous divorce papers or death certificate of previous spouse are necessary. Order of a New York State Court may a spouse child or other persons obtain a. If either person is under 16 years of age the order must be from the Family Court. Any part of your divorce papers then your divorce is no longer uncontested. Getting a recent divorce decree or a 100-year-old divorce file is a lot.

Person by the courts you must apply for poor person status prior to filing for your divorce in order to have your fees waived For all other individuals New York.

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