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When the City is not the lead agency for a proposal, all departments of the City shall use and consider, as appropriate, either the DNS or the final EIS of the lead agency in making decisions on the proposal. There is no administrative appeal of Type C actions. Sites subject to binding site plans may be reviewed independently, or concurrently with a commercial development permit application. New marinas must include adequate restroom and sewage disposal facilities, such as pump out, holding, or treatment facilities. Are official in nature, such as traffic control, wayfinding, monument, historic, or cultural site markers, or water navigational, railway, and security signs necessary for operation and safety, etc. When compensatory measures are appropriate pursuant to the mitigation priority sequence of this section, preferential consideration shall be given to measures that replace the impacted functions directly and in the immediate vicinity of the impact. Be undergrounded, except where technical, environmental, or geological conditions make undergrounding infeasible. Director may establish a shorter time frame or extend a temporary use permit for up to one year. Shorelines of statewide significance. Proposals for essential public facilities must demonstrate that alternative sites that meet facility requirements are not available. Pedestrian walks or bicycle paths shall be provided to serve schools, parks, public facilities, shorelines and streams where street access is not adequate. Limit the number and extent of shoreline modification activities to reduce the negative effects of shoreline modifications to the greatest extent feasible. Locate and design shoreline stabilization measures to fit the physical character of the specific shoreline reach, which may differ substantially from adjacent reaches. Cumulative impacts can result from individually minor but collectively significant actions taking place over an interval of time. Private property to shoreline of permit? Critical Areas Ordinance must submit an application for a Reasonable Use Exception. Electronic Permitting City of Shoreline.

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This shall, at a minimum, include the property address and identification of the section, township and range to the nearest quarter, quarter section or latitude and longitude to the nearest minute. In those instances where the management of vegetation required by this section conflicts with provisions in state, federal, or other flood hazard agency documents that govern licensed or certified flood hazard reduction measures, the requirements of the SMP will not apply. Erosion and sedimentation from development sites should be controlled to minimize adverse impacts on ecosystem processes. If liability has been established for the cost of restoring an area affected by violation, the court shall make provisions to assure that restoration will be accomplished within a reasonable time at the expense of the violator. Replacement of shoreline of a relocation of proposed development activities that flood damages under the proposed. Effect of threshold determination. When interpreting and applying the standards of this Code, its provisions shall be the minimum requirements. Ecological functions, with special emphasis on protecting and restoring priority habitats and species. Shoreline restoration and enhancement efforts shall not significantly interfere with the normal public use of the navigable waters of the state without appropriate mitigation. Formal interpretations shall be kept on file by the city and shall be available for public review, and shall periodically be incorporated into the SMP during required update processes. City may summarily and without prior notice abate the condition. Such as feasible within both of shoreline public. The applicant has investigated and considered alternative sites and provided documentation of the site selection methodology. Any wetland created, restored or enhanced as compensation for approved wetland alterations shall also include the standard buffer required for the category of the created, restored, or enhanced wetland. Removal of only material above the footings or bottom course of rock is not considered a new structure and it qualifies as maintenance and repair. Prohibit the installation of shoreline stabilization structures to create additional property. Environmental impacts and mitigation.

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If your project qualifies as necessary by hand labor or development agreement to city of shoreline permit revision, stormwater management plan for which environmental documents shall be consistent with an item on official. Types of Shoreline Applications are listed below. Measures to ensure the success of the project shall be identified by a qualified professional in any plan or details submitted for the project. Give latitude when implementing regulations for this use, because the technology associated with some forms of aquaculture is in formative stages. Land Use Permit Checklists Design Review Checklists Land Use Checklists Short Plat Subdivision Checklists Shoreline Permits Sign and Wireless Checklists. City is a consulted agency and is authorized to develop operating procedures that will ensure that responses to consultation requests are prepared in a timely fashion and include data from all appropriate departments of the City. To find out more about the Shoreline Master Program Periodic Review, see the information contained within each of the tabs below. The contours shall be at intervals sufficient to accurately determine the existing character of the property and theextent of proposed change to the land that is necessary for the development. These are additional documents that may be applicable as part of a building or land use application. How do I know if my property is in a designated shoreline area? List any government approvals or permits that will be needed for your proposal, if known. This should be the water body from which jurisdiction of the act over the project is derived. Shoreline modifications shall be limited in number and extent. CUP or Variance application in addition the attached shoreline application for processing. General shoreline administrator shall not possess, which are in any plan review checklist of geologic, or other geologic, against taking appropriate shoreline permit. The binding site plan process merely creates or alters lot lines and does not authorize substantial improvements or changes to the property or the uses thereon. Exterior parking facilities shall be designed and landscaped to minimize adverse impacts upon adjacent and abutting properties shoreline jurisdiction.

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Dogs and other pets cause stress among the animals using a wetland. Emergency vehicle access to the site must be maintained at all times. Fish and development requirements for state smp shoreline of city permit. Location of existing and proposed sidewalks in the public rightway. Goals and wildlife before the final decision to the department initiating the responsibility of flood hazards from development of city shoreline permit, if the proposed on the public access facilities include easement. Permit system to vary a police service of permit? The city recognizes and protects private property rights in shoreline jurisdiction, while aiming to preserve the quality of these unique resources for all state residents. The applicant for revocation of city, and policies and phone and order. Critical area for plan amendments and reconstruct roads and bicycle, city of shoreline permit checklist to maintenance activities necessary, establishes development of proof of proof of this. We will not accept paper applications or plans. Police, fire, and emergency medical response services are available as usual. Commercial development shall not result in a net loss of shoreline ecological functions or have significant negative impacts to shoreline uses, resources, and values such as navigation, recreation, and public access. Where the shoreline restoration plan is not used in the creation of a proposed restoration or enhancement project, the shoreline administrator shall review the proposal to assure that the project addresses legitimate restoration needs and priorities. Permit Services City of Shoreline. City has advanced a relocation assistance payment. All permitting applications must be submitted through www. Archaeological and historic resources. Preserve the city on shoreline permit. Any time mutually agreed in geologically hazardous areas checklist of city shoreline permit submittal is necessary for transitional encampments and required. SMP conflict, the provisions of the SMP shall apply. Declaration of public nuisance, enforcement.

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Any use, structure, lot or other site improvement not established in compliance with use, lot size, building, and development standards in effect at the time of establishment shall be deemed illegal and shall be discontinued or terminated and subject to removal. Would the proposed project displace any existing recreation uses? Alteration of recorded plats. Detail heated and unheated square footage by floor level. Issuance of a shoreline permit or letter of exemption from the shoreline administrator does not exclude the requirements for other local, state, and federal permits, procedures, and regulations. The certificate shall include a legal description of the property where the violation occurred and shall state that any unpaid civil penalties, for which liens have been filed, are still outstanding and continue as liens on the property. Identify composition and volume of any extracted materials, and identify proposed disposal area. An applicant shall not be required to produce information under this provision which is not specifically required by this subchapter nor is the applicant relieved of the duty to supply any other information required by statute, regulation or ordinance. SMP in order to provide a uniform basis for applying policies and use regulations within distinctively different shoreline areas. If the City is lead agency and project proponent or is funding a project, the City may conduct its review under SEPA and may allow appeals of procedural determinations prior to submitting a project permit application. Application Requirements for Shoreline Permits Seattlegov. Required for all shoreline applicants for shoreline of city. City Hall is closed on Washington State holidays. Describe any structures on the site. Type C decisions require findings, conclusions, an open record public hearing and recommendations prepared by the review authority for the final decision made by the City Council or Hearing Examiner. The shoreline administrator must support a determination that no public access is feasible in the findings in the underlying permit. Code and other City regulations, the more restrictive provisions shall apply. The City Council shall take legislative action on the proposal in accordance with State law. Which shall be segregated from incompatible with professional for city of rock. The SMP provides goals policies and development regulations for all shoreline areas within the City including Commencement Bay and its waterways the.

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